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Say hello to the Elfy, an adorable night lamp. It stays by your side and brings brightness, warmth, and happiness to you. There are multiple ways to interact with Elfy.

You can change the light color by tapping on Elfy or you can poke this little ball when you are upset. Touch it, feel it, and have fun with it!

Main Features:
● Adorable night elf, your considerate playmate
● Perfect size to hold in your palm
● Bouncy ball helps to get rid of your bad mood
● 7 original light colors, tap to switch colors as you like
Supports user-defined colors and instant recovery
● Bluetooth 4.0, connected with App for remote control and auto-switch
● Timer function: Auto-on-off for sleeping status
● Exclusive eggshell package can be used as a money box
● Harm-free silicone skin with soft and smooth touch




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