Hello World!!

Let The Journey Begins… from $0 to $100 a Day Online

This means for me; my first post ever, it means a brand new start, it means I´m drawing a line in the sand to tell to the world:

I will finally build a business online and make it successful… or I will die trying.

My name is JL Aguilar, I am 42 years old and I live in Guadalajara, Mexico. I´ve been trying to build a business online for about 7 years now, but as of today, I´ve failed miserably.

I´ve made $0 during the last 7 years, but that will end soon. Why? Because today, I´m starting my journey to success, today, I´m starting  “The Quick Start Challenge”. (QSC for short).


My goal in the challenge is to make my first $1 and reach $100 a Day in 30 days or less, by following the strategies from the QSC program. I’m going to document my journey on this blog.                             I hope many people will follow my steps and I can help to achieve your goals also.



If you, the person reading this post, are struggling the way I am, if you are trying to build a business, if you are someone who is looking for results, I invite you and challenge you to join me on this journey.


                                                    As 50 cents said: 

“Get rich or die trying”



… don´t get me wrong, I’m not saying I will be rich in 30 days, that´s not the way real business works, what I´m saying is that: I will make $100 a day or I die trying. Will you join me?

Please post your comments below, I would love to hear from people in my situation that are also wanting to start an online business. Let’s do it!

Talk soon,

JL Aguilar

2 thoughts on “My Journey from $0 to $100 a Day Online – Day 1”

  1. wow… brave words…. up to now you have failed….but you are determine to put all that behind you!. I feel the passion in you as I read this blog…its exciting.

    I really hope that this truly is the time that you make it all work for you.

    All the best

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