Hey there, it´s JL here!!

This post I´m making is to show you how I got 40 subscribers (Optins) in 2 hours.

A little background for beginners: One of the easiest and quickest way to get traffic is: tap into other´s list, so I  decided to take that route.

I ran a single Solo Ad, which is a short email sent to other´s list with my link on it.

I used Udimi as the source to find a good seller with a good list, so basically, I ran a search in Udimi with the following characteristics:

24 HOURS: Which means that the seller can deliver the visitors in that period of time

100 VISITORS: Which means, the sellers can deliver this quantity of visits that I requested

35c – 40c: Which means the price per visitor that the seller is offering

20% SALES: Which means, the sellers have feedback from other customers with sales

100+ RATINGS: Which means that the seller has feedback from more than 100 customers

MARKETING: Which means the niche I want to get the visitor from


This image below shows the search I ran in Udimi.


A couple of hours later, received confirmation from the seller, that the 100 visitors I requested, were all delivered.

Then, I went to my Autoresponder to see how may Subscribers (Optins) I got and surprise:

As you can see on the image above, I got 40 subscribers from the 100 requested visitor, which is a 40% Optin Conversion Rate (Pretty good right?)

 If you are interested in getting quick and easy traffic to your page or affiliate offerI recommend you to open an account in Udimi, it is free to open an account with them and there is a long list of great sellers.

And then, you can run a search like I did 🙂  You can open your account here


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Talk soon,

JL Aguilar



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